Thursday, December 6, 2007

Winless, and Unbeatable

Third in the lineup, I'm gonna put you onto the Haru Urara tee. This Japanese racehorse isn't Seabiscuit. No. This horse lost 113 consecutive races and lost. That has to be some kind of damn record. BUT, this tee is hot as hell. The color scheme is nothing short of amazing, and with a quality tee, and a dope artist behind this one, how can you say no. And last but definitely not least is one of my idols. BOBBY FISCHER. Considered, no strike that, the GREATEST CHESS PLAYER of all time. A child prodigy, Bobby beat the best of the best before he was old enough to drive. One of the greats of our time, Bobby disappeared from the public eye, and pops his head in once in a while to say something crazy, or beat a chess supercomputer. The tee is ill as it is a pic of a young Fischer, and the madman he was destined to become. When one can't be beat, one usually beats himself. The Ecstasy of Defeat. ill

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