Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Made To Trick and Treat

This isn't fair anymore. Look, we're all familiar with Britney and Superhead, but now you can rock them on a tee. Straight from the minds of Jus and Phil, comes the first entry of Homemade, the in-house label of Made To Order. Made To Trick and Made To Treat by Made To Order. I'm tired of telling y'all to catch up, so we'll speed up, and see ya on the second go around. ON SALE TOMORROW. Made To Order. Jus Dollars. Philnomenon. Mikey P. We're only getting better man...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Purple silk isn't for everyone either..

Purple silk, and purple crystals, make a dope combo. Add them to a hoodie, and you just may have become everyone's new favorite person to hate. I'm not going to talk much about this one, because this hoodie is just mean.

The Prenup Club

If you get money, or ever plan on getting money, then chances are, you will be a member of a little club named the Prenup club. Money over B....., or Mind Over Body. Either way, this tee is pretty dumb. And trust me, it won't last long.

Everyone can't be a Kingpin

Well, at least not yet. This shirt won't get you any closer, but it won't put you back any farther either. What do you have to lose? Not much. But what do you have to gain? A dope tee, and chicks complimenting you on it. You already know.

In Hype We Trust

We all do. The In Hype We Trust tee. Why else do we wait in lines for sneaks, to pay 10 times the box price, to wear them once and hate them?

This Shit Aint for Everyone

Now in store, Not 4 Every 1, fresh out of Hong Kong. All cut and sew pieces, on a heavy quality tee. This is the type of tee that you rock in the club. Let's start it off with the tees. The World Class Tee in black and white. Stupid.


The Second Installment of Sneaker Auction is going down Friday, November 2nd @ Made To Order!!!!!! Just like the first, we will have tons of treats for the tricking.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Claw says Fuck Art

Fuck Art. Let's Fuck. That's what the hoodie told me to say. In two dope colorways. Yo, all I gotta say is, this Claw line is truly crazy.

Army Claw

Peep this hoodie. Do I even need to speak on it? Probably not. Claw camo hoodie with the colorful claws. This is crazy. Hurry down...

Clawnel No.5

Just like Chanel, Claw is an essential for every female closet. Hurry down and pick these up. We have them in two dope colorways.

Look what we've done now...

Now, we took care of the ladies. Claw Money Fall in at Made To Order. First up, the Got Beef? tee. We know you all have it, now, you can ask strangers what's up?

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Just wanted to take a moment to express that if any of you out there have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us, or any of the brands that we carry to locate AUTHORIZED RETAILERS. WE ARE AN AUTHORIZED RETAILER OF ALL THE BRANDS WE CARRY. WE DON'T DO SECOND HAND RETAIL OR ANY BULLSHIT LIKE THAT. But, with that said, thanks to the customers for your support. And thanks guys for making FiberOps so successful in the city. It's really been dope. More FiberOps on the way too, for the Fall season, so keep a lookout for that. Thanks for supporting Independent Retailers guys. Stores like Made To Order, Deep Sleep, WTHN, Pedestrian, Custody and Afficial. Stores where you can come in, chill, and talk to the OWNERS, not buyers or employees(Lol), or whatever the fuck they are, and cop what you guys are looking for. We'll keep supporting y'all as long as y'all support us. Peace y'all, we love y'all.


We have just received in the WESC grey denim!!! The Made To Order family is happy to welcome this Fashion Juggernaut to the team. We are playing to win. WESC offers a great product at a great price. This is the first of many delivers from the line.

Nooka's Re-stocked and a New Style has arrived!!!!

The first delivery of the Nooka Zub 20 watches flew off the shelves, so we re-stocked and brought in the Zub 38 to compliment it's cousin. Come by and check them out, they are really cool and totally different.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Waterproof In4mation

And to end this In4mation session, check this thing out. Black, waterproof and dope. The In4mation flight jacket. Peep how when the patch is on, it says Friend. take it off, and let them know you're the Enemy. And no matter what mode you're in, the back lets them know what time it is.

In4mation Fleece

Do you know who Dunhill is? If not, Google him. After you're done, come by this sweatshirt with the Kangaroo pockets. Does your sweatshirt have pockets? probably not. This one does. Catch up...

Dope In4mation

look at this. A lot of people have been doing helmet tees lately. Fuct killed it, but along came In4mation, and put their twist on it. I'll tell you this much, this is hands down one of the craziest tees of the WHOLE YEAR. LOOK AT THE BACK. READ THE FREAKING BACK! As Mike would say, "This tee is HARD"!!!!!!

In4mation for the people

The Youth Shall Inherit the Earth. It's true. Wear this tee, and upset all the old folks out there. Or upset those who waited too long to come in and cop this tee and it sold out. Either way, you win...

Listen to this In4mation

Next up, Aloha Army. Who else could flip the Army tee better. This one is crazy. And come in and feel the writing. Might brighten up your day...

This In4mation could save your social life...

The Made boys in the building tonight, oh what a feeling, we feeling life...Look at this shit. Before I go into introductions, I just want to say, that if we seem a little extra lately, it's because we're celebrating the life of Mike, and we're going to be like this for a while. So hang on for the ride, and check out this dope boy drop...First up is Charlie Don't Surf. Check your movie collection for that quote. I'll just call this one the Apocalypse Now tee.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

On a sad note...

The Made To Order family is saddened by the recent passing of our 3rd in command, Mike Perkins. Mike was in a car accident this past Thursday, and unfortunately, he did not survive. If you came to the store or ever called, it was a good chance Mike was here, or answering your call. Mike was a brother, and an important piece of the Made To Order family, and he will be greatly missed. Peace Mike.

Triumvir Baseball Jacket

I've been waiting on this one since we ordered it way back when. Triumvir black baseball jacket. The details make this one hot. The T logo on the front, with the 3, which both are trademark Triumvir logos. Add the Tiger on the back, and the skull on the sleeve, and this jacket is CRAZY.

Taste The Rainbow

The Taste the Rainbow tee. No words are needed for this. It's hot. Simple and plain.