Thursday, February 28, 2008


The second one...


All I can say is that they have arrived. 2 Different Jackets. We have both! I can't even talk about these. Try finding these anywhere else. Maharishi. Dr. Romanelli. What more can I say.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Claw Power

Power Sex and Money. Three things we all want. This hoodie will let you know it. This hoodie is crack. In grey or black, this hoodie is definitely going to move.

Claw Hoodies

Next up, Claw Floral hoodies in white and black. Just like the tee, but with a few extra added enhancements. If you remember our first shipment of Claw hoodies back in the fall, then you remember that they didn't last long.

Claw Moneeeeeeeeeeey

Next up is the Wolf Girl tee. Peep what is coming out of her mouth as she slays that guy. Talk about that time of the month!!!

Claw is back

As we continue to appreciate the ladies, we bring in more brands for the ladies. Claw Money for the spring has arrived, and it adds to an already dope offering that Made has for the ladies. First up is the Floral V-Neck T-shirt in black and grey. In either color, it is sure to satisfy. With a simple flower pocket on the front, and the dope flower graphic on the back, this shirt is crack

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

MADEME Outerwear and Leggings

And to finish this MadeMe chapter, we present you with the MadeMe motorcylce jackets. In blue plaid, or black, the attention to detail on these pieces is amazing. With hidden pockets, and cross zip design, these jackets will keep you warm and stylish. And after that, we also present some MadeMe tights. I know you ladies like to wear the leggings nowadays, and we hear your requests for Made to offer as much for the ladies as we do for the fellas, so enjoy ladies. Enjoy...

MadeMe Cut and Sew

As susal with MADE, we like to offer a complete showing off a line, so we try and pick up the cut and sew pieces to give you a choice. And here's a dope choice offering for you girls to pick from. First up are the MADEME sleeveless hoodies. These are just sick. No confusing graphics on this. Just a simple logo on the bottom back. In white or black, you can't go wrong.


Next is the Miss America half top. With stars and stripes on a dope heather grey tee, this one is sure to please. I know you ladies like to show off those stomachs you worked hard as hell all winter to preserve. Well now, here's your chance. And you can look good showing it off too.


Next up are two MadeMe graphic tees. Using legs to spell out the brand's name, these tees are the perfect mix of style and simplicity. People will look twice, but you'll never second guess yourself for wearing these.

MadeME at Made

Erin Magee has been behind the scenes in the fashion world for a while now. She began at U,bro in charge of special collabs(Supreme x Umbro collab, and the now infamous Kim Jones x Umbro collab). This led Erin to her position as Production Manager at Supreme.In Fall 2007 Miss Magee has started her own company and dropped her first collection under the MadeMe name. So of course in Spring, it's only right that MadeMe came to Made. Now let's start the show. First up is the Dick Tracy Madonna tee. You don't mind if she calls you Dick? Do you?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sneaker Auction 3

Road Trip anyone???

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Catz Out The Bag w/ Made To Order!!!

Your boys have 'Made' it!!!!  Our very good friend Catzie from mag has tapped into the brains of Phil and Justin, to see what Made is about and where they think Philly is right now. It is a very good read and we are extremely proud and honored.  Look out for the March issue which will drop very soon.

Kenzo C Edition

For those of you who remember the A Phobias shirt, here comes the C. The first one didn't last long, and this one won't be much different. I bet you're gonna go get a dictionary and check each one, but hands down this tee is retarded.

Kenzo Goes Back to the Future

For all my Back to the Future fans(don't front), comes this ill offering from Kenzo. Set to 88, and rock out. This one won't last long, so hurry down.

Spring Kenzo

Now in at MADE, the Spring shipment of Kenzo Minami. Taking inspiration from the muses such as the Beatles, or Back To The Future, as usual, Ultra Lux Kenzo tees are sure to please. And now for all my not so super skinny friends, Kenzo now comes in a XXL. YEAH BOY! First up is the Beatles inspired "Forever and a Day" tee. With front and back graphics, in a dope charcoal color, you'll love this one in person.