Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Know1edge

Fresh in from the Far East, comes some more Know1edge goods. If you have ever owned anything made by Know1edge, then you know the time and quality that they put into their pieces. First up is the Drips tee. It's a really nice use of contrasting colors, and it's guaranteed to match whatever new kicks you just picked up. Also in, is the Alyasha zip up sweater hoodie. Named most probably for the Alyasha behind Fiberops, as he and Brian of Know1edge are good friends, the hood is fur lined, and the body is made of some of the softest cotton you ever felt with your own 2 hands. Hurry up down as Know1edge pieces move fast.

Also, I heard a rumor that the Crooks x Know1edge watch should be in this week. Quantities are EXTREMELY LIMITED, so keep an eye out for them. Only 500 total of them in the world.

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