Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer Crooks

The Crooks Aloha Friday tee is simply bananas. Gucci-inspired, with a street edge, make this a tee that will move quick. Hurry down, b/c Crooks is known for its ability to move.

And coming soon, some Crooks shades to keep you even cooler

Summer Crooks has arrived...

Finally in at Made To Order, is the summer drop of Crooks and Castles. As usual, Crooks hits hard, and delivers some strong pieces. Let's start with the Island C's tee. The C's in a magenta ribbon adorned by the green leaves make this tee ROYAL! Crooks did it again. After that, the Winners Circle Tee in black is simply crazy. With the flying C, and the Castle images, this tee is crazy

AnmlHse at Made

Rarely does a new brand excite us as much as the brand the kids from Anmlhse(Pronounced: Animal House). But these guys have some dope ideas, and they're bringing them to life. But before I speak on this design, let's learn the brand.

AnmlHse was born on a rather warm Fall night in late 2007. Five friends (who choose to remain nameless by Aliases) came together as a collective to contribute designs that reflect their lifestyle. Our love for art, graphic design, typography, streetwear, sneakers, comics, cartoons, music, movies, and nostalgia has a major impact on our designs as well as the way we live out our daily lives. Light-hearted by NATURE, we LOVE LIFE, but love a good joke even more.Laughter is our creed and comedy is our visual manifesto. Party ANIMALS we might be, but we always put our passion for style first. We believe in being true to yourself and destroying stereotypes. We’re going to end with a few words of advice. “Live the Lifestyle, DONT BE A TREND.”

The first drop contained what I have dubbed the "Boo Boo made a boo boo" tee. That Park Ranger kept messing with them, so this was bound to happen eventually.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Mademorial Day Sale!!!!

Starting today, the 23rd and ending on the 26th, Made To Order will being have a Mademorial Day Sale!!! That's right, we will even be open on Monday. 25% off the entire store, excluding the Jordan Collezione Pack, and 40% off all long sleeve merchandise. Hurry down and cop up while gear last. Peace

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fresh Melt Water QuickStrike

Just dropped off, the FMW Melt logo quick strike tee. Get ready and fresh for the summer in these two tees. In black with teal, or yellow with blue, these tees are crazy.


Don't know where you will be Thursday night, but I suggest that you show up here. Over the past few months, filmmaker Sosena Solomon has been creating a documentary on the sneaker culture. It is a good film, as I have seen rough drafts because it really looks at it from a perspective no one has touched before. A few special guests were involved in this project, so get down here and check it out.


Look what just got dropped at Made To Order. You guys know we're known to find things from time to time, so I guess it's the time. The Carmine pack has arrived at Made To Order. Two beautiful sneakers in this pack. A Jordan 6 in White/Carmine, and a Jordan 17 in Black Suede. I got a size run, so you need to hit me up as quick as possible to come up on these. Already got rid of a couple before I even took pics, but trust, these won't last long. Call us up if you need them shipped. Made To Order. Who else got ya? No need to talk trash on these. Look around. Everyone already has been.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Glow In The Dark

I don't know what you lames are gonna be doin tonight, but me and my squad will be enjoying quality tunes on the Delaware River!!! Tonight @ Susquehanna Bank Center in beloved Camden I will be listening to N.E.R.D. (rumored to have Kenna and Chester French along), Lupe Fiasco, and the main event, Kanye West. I hope you can make it.

And after that I'm taking the yacht back to the home side of the Delaware to party at the official after party on the Moshulu.

Welcome home George aka Spanky!!! Who will be killing the drums tonight.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Claw Money Tees in for Summer

Claw Money dropped off two new tees for the women to add to their summer wardrobes. Just in are the Corset and Dog Tees. The Corset design is bringing the sexxy undergarment to the top. Also, check the Claw Money logo design in the middle. Next the Dog tee is crazy in the blue and pink. Psycho Mongrel Squad has been unleashed. Women's sizes Small-Large, $40.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Married To The MOB Summer

We have the MOB Flip flops for the summer. Men are the new Women. These are hot and pretty limited, so make sure you come down and get a pair to match a new MOB tee. You'll enjoy.

Married To The MOB Summer

And next, we have the Lolita Logo tee, which is almost certain to be a favorite of ladies this summer. And we also have the Anna Head Bitch tee in so that you ladies can let these impostors know where you stand.

Next up in this MTTM offering is the The First tee. I don't really need to go much into this tee. It's pretty obvious.Next up is the "WE ARE" tee. If you can construct a sentence which I'm sure you can, you know what she's saying.

Married To The MOB

Married To The Mob has arrived at Made To Order. MTTM is a streetwear brand for women, made by women. The brand is owner Leah's tribute to the MOST OFFICIAL BITCHES. Fresh in for summer, we have the newest offerings of this legendary brand. First up is the Octopussy Tee in black. MOB is good for still photo tees, and this one is no different. Some use tassles, some use Octopus. Whatever your choice.
After that is the Talky Talk tee in heather. We all like to talk a little shit here and there, but this tee let's people know ahead of time your intentions.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Justice-Stress Clip

We all remember Justice's last video, and here is the newest one. This video is on some other ish, but it's dope. Quasi-commentary on how out of control the youth are. Peep!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Fresh Melt Water Spring Drop

And the show continues. Next up, we have the Mr. Melt tee. Classic flip of the Mets logo, but with a Fresh twist. The difference is that Mr. Melt is waiting to greet you with the sickle, so be careful with those curves. Dig me? And last up, we have the Crime In The City tee. In Military Green, with the yellow Police lines for font, this tee should be an instant cop for all my Philly heads. You need to live here to get that. On the back, is the FMW in bold silver. I talked pretty husky about this drop, cause I think it's dope clothing mixed with quality craftsmanship. Hurry down because FMW is a favorite of fashion fans. Peace