Sunday, December 2, 2007


I must admit that for the last few weeks, we have been sitting idle, reading different blog posts from different industry legends, wannabes, and ordinary people who all seem to have an opinion on the state of fashion. In particular, I love to go into these forums, and these rare, hard to find blogs and listen to some of the opinions of some of these people. And it's funny how out of all the various shopping points on interest in the world, the "City Of Love", has the most hate. There are some amazing shops in this city to pick up whatever you are into. I mean, if you claim to be a fashion head, then Philadelphia has a robust choice of boutiques to fill the need. What kills me, is that the people who hate, are in direct contradiction of what they believe. For example, take the 5 hottest boutiques in the world. Arguably, The Reed Space(NY), Colette(Paris), Commonwealth(VA/DC), Union(NY/LA), and Digital Gravel(online). Look at their branding. Take Reed Space for example. They carry Mhi, FiberOps, Know1edge, FHI, Mishka, PegLeg, King Stampede, Rocksmith, Claw Money and Mighty Healthy. Colette also stocks MHI,FHI, Claw Money, and adds in some Johnny Cupcakes, Kidrobot, Call Of the Wild, and Staple. Starting to catch on yet? No? Ok, well down in Va, Omar stocks Commonwealth with some of the most premium brands, such as MHI, FHI, Gourmet, Edwin Japan, In4mation, Absurd,Illuminati by Crooks and Castles, Alife, Hellz Bellz, Mosley Tribes and Situationormal. Union also carries Gourmet, alongside BBC, Original Fake, Stussy, Acapulco Gold, and Ice Cream. Let's put all this together now. In Philadelphia, you can find every brand I listed above with the exception of Original Fake. We here at Made To Order stock the exact same brands that your so called favorite boutiques stock, including FiberOps, MHI, Staple, In4mation, Gourmet, Edwin Japan, Lemar and Dauley, Mosley Tribes, Nooka Watches, Know1edge, Hot Air, Claw Money and Bijules. Deep Sleep comes in with the Flying Coffin, Johnny Cupcakes, FHI, Sugarcane Denim, Call Of The Wild, Hellz Bellz, and Track and Field bags. Pedestrian adds to the mix with a raw street edge, stocking your favorites such as Mighty Healthy, Kidrobot, King Stampede, Mishka, Lemar and Dauley and Reason. Not your thing? Well Afficial comes in to fill your BBC and Ice Cream needs, and Wthn completes the chapter with Alife, Quickstrike Nikes, Married to the MOB, MadeMe, The Hundreds, Acapulco Gold, Stussy, Orchard Street and Illuminati by Crooks. In closing, stop all the extra hate. Philadelphia needs to be a united front. Not a whole bunch of petty chitter chatter. We were in Vegas a couple months back, and each boutique from Fruition, to Undftd had directions on how to get from one to the next. Not a bunch of slick talk and hating remarks. Philly is on the rise, and I'm personally not going to allow some of this nonsense continue to go on. Support local business, and promote healthy relationships. We're going to be sitting down with the boutiques above to figure out what we're going to do to bring Philly back. If you want to continue to push it towards a negative place, go for it. Usually, I would say something slick at the end of my messages, but there is no point. You see where your favorite brands are. They're here, in Northern Liberties. In Olde City. On South Street. They're here in Philadelphia. Food for thought. Since we're in Philly, I call it a cheesesteak. Peace.


Call Me... "Mr. Garr" said...

well said.

PEDESTRiAN said...

Im wit it...We should BUILD not DESTROY!!!