Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mishka's Here!

Mishka has arrived for its first season here at Made. We're all familiar with the brand, so no need to go into long introductions. But we start you out with the High Five tee and the Breakout tee. Both self explanatory.

Mishka Shorts and New Era

Also in from Mishka, is a nice offering of shorts. We got in the Dutchie shorts, in a black/white picnic colorway which is sure to be a hit when partnered with a nice v-neck. Also got in the Hiss Board Short which is a really interesting pair of shorts. The reptile print fades from green to a neon yellow and feels really good. And not to be undone, is the Demon Bubbles hat. We all know New Era is known for making amazing hats, so don't miss out.

Richard Kern for Mishka

The Richard Kern photo series for Mishka has arrived at Made To Order. We have Susan in the SHower and Mel just doing what she does. Richard Kern is a New York underground filmmaker, writer and photographer. He first came to underground prominence as part of the underground cultural explosion in the East Village of New York City in the 1980s, with erotic films featuring underground rock personalities of the time such as Lydia Lunch, Kembra Pfahler, and Henry Rollins in movies like "The Right Side of My Brain" and "Fingered." Like many of the musicians around Kern, he had a deep interest in the aesthetics of extreme sex, violence, and perversion and was one of the leading lights of Nick Zedd's coined Cinema of Transgression. Wear a part of history and cop these tees

Friday, July 18, 2008

Too Black Guys now in at Made!!!

Seminal streetwear brand Too Black Guys has had a resounding impact since their inception in the 90s. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, the brand has maintained a solid footing in the industry with their tongue in cheek approach. This season is entitled "Jim Crow Couture" and in typical TBG fashion, they are conveying thought provoking messages while maintaining dope designs. All of their tees are high-quality and cut & sew pieces.

First up is "If We Must" and if you really focus on the image, you can see a rioter being choked out by the police. "If We Must" is the beginning lines of a full poem that is actually printed in full, on the inside of the tee. The poem was penned in 1919 by Jamaican poet Claude McKay in response to a wave of race riots consisting mainly of white assaults on black neighborhoods in a dozen American cities. McKay's powerful poem encouraged his brethren to stand up and fight back.

"Coloreds Only", we have a couple enjoying a good time, poppin' champagne, in the hot tub (washing machine). That is Jim Crow in full effect.

"Hell No!" is next and I think it's pretty self explanatory.

Due to the Olympics starting 8.8.08 and the 40 year anniversary of John Carlos and Tommy Smith's iconic medal award ceremony, TBG has revisited this heroic image with "Say It Loud". Those two brothers were standing up against injustice. I wonder if any of the athletes will express their views this year. Don't hold your breath.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008


Look what Made came across this weekend. Just as we did with the Carmines, we have picked up a few pair of the Jordan 4 pack. Yes, we have them early and yes they are for sale. Personally, this is my favorite Jordan EVER!!!!! It is such a classic sneak. Very subtle but still bold. And of course the last time they came out I was a senior in high school/freshmen in college and ended up ballin' in them. So naive was I. Oh well, doesn't matter b/c I have them now baby!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Freshness doesn't stop...

Fresh Melt continues the summer heat with more tees sparking social commentary. The Don't Obey tee speaks for itself. Disregard Propaganda, and you may actually get somewhere in life.

And who can forget FAME? But what always tend to go with Fame? Well, that is if you do it right. In black...

Or Gray...

Summer has Fresh Melt Water drippin' all over!!!

We received in the new summer FMW and the designs are getting better and better. First up is the Ya Basta tee in Red with black print. Ya Basta roughly translates to "Enough is Enough". It has been adopted by several Latin American insurgent groups as an expression of affront towards issues that sparked the original dissent. Its adoption by the EZLN in Mexico as the movement's motto is exemplary of its popularity and ability to rally diverse ideologies under a common goal. Get it now???

The Zapatista Futbol tee in Heather Grey w/black print, with the Star of Fresh Melt on the back. Another EZLN tee and another instant classic.

The Skullusion tee. Is it a skull? Is it an illusion? No. It's a Skullusion, and it's hot.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

After The Documentary

After the show is the afterparty...after that is up to you and your spit game.

Sole Documentary Screening At Ubiq

On Wednesday night, July 9th at 8:00pm, Sole: A Sneaker Documentary will have it's second and possibly final showing for the summer so you definitely don't want to miss this event. Heineken sponsored this event so that ensures that the good times will be popping, and that we will all be double fisted!!! Also, there will be a Sneaker Battle and only he/she with that Grail pair will emerge as the victor. Don't miss this as all the Philly crews will be in the building.

On a side note, isn't it ill that all the Philly cats are hanging together without the dumb stuff. This will be another classic night.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Roger Federer Nike Commercial

You all know I'm a goofy dude, so naturally, this commercial had me rolling on the floor laughing, crying, and wondering, why haven't I made a commercial yet?

4th Of July Sale

The Made To Order 4th of July Sale. Most Tees $20 for 1, and 2 for $30. 50% off Mhi, Kenzo Minami, Denim, and all long sleeved apparel. Look at the illustration baby!!! Sale goes from Friday the 4th until Sunday the 6th!!!

In4mation Blow Blows...

Nose Candy, the White Pony, Charlie, Waiting in Line for the bathroom; whatever you call it, In4mation wants you to know that Blow Blows!!! For men and women!!!

Yellow for Men!

Blue for the Ladies!

In4mation Statement Tees

Another drop of In4mation has come into Made To Order. This drop contains the tees we've all been waiting for over here. In4mation abandoned their laid back, Island style to make a few statements on these tees...

Marcus Garvey's list of achievements is impeccable and unquestionable by any man. Celebrate him with this tee

The Kate Moss "Don't Adore False Idols". A clever way to flip Ms. Moss in the days where everyone is trying to outdo the previous KAte Moss tee. I think In4mation won the battle with this one.