Friday, July 27, 2007

Mhi Allover

Read what is on this hoodie. Protest without getting arrested or censored. WEAR THIS HOODIE and tell the powers that be how you feel!!! I tell them everyday. Now you can show them.

Slow down son, you killing 'em

The Mhi International Classic Hoodie. Did you peep what is on the back? I can't explain these items to you. It's like explaining to a blind man how Halle Berry would look kissing Jessica Biel. He just wouldn't understand.

Maharishi Hoodies...

Wait man. Hold up. Is that a Purple Maharishi hoodie with Doves on the back? I ain't Prince, but, he never looked this good in those assless chaps as he would have looked in this gem. I'm assuming the position, because the style police will attempt to confiscate this heat every chance they get. Beware. They want what you have!!!

Stop it. The Mhi is killing me!!!!!

DAMN! That's a crazy flip on camo. Mhi and the Scratch Perverts collabo again, and hit it right on! This tee is stupid dumb dope. I'm not even going to tell you to buy it. It's going to sell itself.

More Mhi...

Workers of The World, available in 2 colors. You must feel these tees. Softer than your next door neighbor. Phil looks GREAT in this tee. You will too. I promise.

*Promises not guaranteed.

Mhi Continues

A Collabo with Mhi and WRI(War Resisters International). I don't need to explain this one to you. You get it.

Look who got MHI in Today!!!!

First Up, the introduction to Maharishi. Since its birth in 1994, maharishi has evolved into one of the UK’s most influential designer labels, offering men’s, women’s and children’s collections available from exclusive fashion retailers worldwide. Founded by (creative director) Hardy Blechman, maharishi carries a strong ethos of respect for nature while utilising the latest technology. By 1999, the label was producing comprehensive collections for men, women and children in which innovative design, comfort and functional detail form the common thread. In 2000, maharishi was awarded ‘Streetwear Designer of the Year’ at the British Fashion Council Awards. Today, owing to its commercial yet still credible status, it stands as one of the top key brands in men’s, women’s and children’s fashion in the UK’s leading department stores – Selfridges, Harrods and Harvey Nichols. Sales worldwide in over 500 designer fashion stores in 35 countries continue to grow. You can currently catch Kanye in Complex Magazine, or Lupe Fiasco in his GQ Man of the year issue rocking Maharishi. And now get it here. Limited to THREE stores in the State. THREE. Do the Math.

First tee is Fist Of Fury. This season, the line deals with War and Peace.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

We are 25% CRAZY!!!!!

Starting Friday, June 27th, we will have a 25% sale for all summer clothing throughout the store. All clothing will be reduced 25% from the 27th, through the end of the month. There will also be some in-store specials. Thanks again, and looking forward to seeing you in store.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

MORE Simpsons Vans????

If you haven't figured out by now that we can find ANYTHING, then you obviously aren't reading this blog. Got a couple more Simpsons Vans in this week. This is NOT Consignment. These are products that we locate, and try and offer customers from time to time if we can. As usual, call us up, and ask. Couldn't hurt. Unless you like not having the dopest items in the fashion world.



As usual, up in here, we always come across some fineness!!! The MF Doom's dropped on some secret society, super lineup the day before crazy mayhem. But, you know how we play. Call us up if you are looking for any. We may be able to help, may not. Two to grow on,


Friday, July 20, 2007


Look what we got in-store today from our friends over at Kicks Hawaii. The Simpsons Vans. Look at how excited Mego is that we got them in. She's so happy. The David Flores Slip On and the Todd James(Reas) Sk8-Hi's. I heard a rumor that we have more on the way. We always have surprises up our sleeves. Come through, chill, and check out the heat.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Treat for P

Look at these that arrived in store for yours truly. The Limited Edition All American Rejects 6.0. Didn't spend $400 bucks on these, but can still say homie you aint up on these!!!!! As you can tell by my expression, I like the kicks. I think they may get tucked for a while, but these will be rocked. Not resold. Oh, did I tell you, that there is only 1000 of these? Yeah, that just made them that much better to you, didn't it?

Look what has been CREATED for you.

As seen in COMPLEX mag, the new Creative Recreation model, the Ponti in Hawaiian Ocean Blue. Let me tell you something, Jordans won't help you play better, Vans won't make you skate better, but these sneaks will definitely make you cooler. And you can tell them Phil said so!!!

Time To CRE8

If you like Vans, then you'll love this Don Carlo Slip On in Black and Tiffany Green. I should call them the Snickers Shoe, cause they will definitely satisfy!!!


The Cesario Lo in Brown, Skylight and Pink. Man, these kicks are so good, make you wanna slap yo' momma!!!

Doth Thy Eyes Decieveth Me?

CREATIVE RECREATIONS In store now. The Cesario Classic in Oiled Brown. Man, who ever knew you WANTED to get your sneaks OILED?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

G Love

G Love of G Love and Special Sauce was also in store today. The band is in town cutting a new record, so keep a look out for it. Of course, our camera died as he was in store, but he was in, copping from the hottest store in Northern Liberties. I'm telling you, you really need to get down here. Two to grow on,


Eric Roberson in Store

Special guest shopper in store today. Eric Roberson(Erro), who has pretty much collaborated with every known Philly artist including Jill Scott, Musiq, and DJ Jazzy Jeff. He's currently doing shows, and still dropping heat. Check him out at and check us out, where you never know who will drop in. Two to grow on,



As we proceed, to give you what you need. In-Store model Mike showing off the new Summer In4mation. In store now. Sizes M-XL. Two to grow on,


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mhi and Warhol

It's such an artsy combination, that I'm about to smoke a cigarette, drink a glass of whisky, and throw on a beret. I can hear the Miles playing as I post this.

Krusty-O's and BUZZ COLA

Full of sugary goodness. We actually have boxes for sell. Who loves ya like we do. Wait, is that a pair of Hiroshi Tier Zero AF1's? Probably. Two to grow on,


Alife Decks

Me want cookie? Naw. I want that damn skateboard

The Cookout

What the hell does Phil be talking about? Alongside Pete of Undrcrwn.

The Cookout

The Made men.

July 4th Cookout

On July 4th, we had the first Made To Order customer cookout and 20% off sale. Thanks to all who supported. A couple pics of the activites are attached. Professional hoodboarder G. Ang shredding in the streets.

Monday, July 9, 2007

And Now

Now look at our beauty. As Kanye says "And I already graduated, and you can live through anything if Magic made it". 2 to grow on,



Please excuse us at the store for being lazy, and not updating the blog. We've been busy rearranging the store, and slanging those tees. I promise we will get better with the updates. But before I take y'all into the future, let me show you the past. This is what the building looked like a mere few months ago. See that wall where our custom bar is now??? Look at the hole in the ceiling. DAMN! For everyone who thought we were always on our Blackberry phones and Treo's, running to Home Depot 4 times a day, sleeping for 3 hours, and NOT BEING ABLE TO WAIT IN LINES FOR SNEAKERS just for fun. But, I'll get better y'all. I promise. Be on the lookout for footwear arriving this week, and for all you Hypebeasters, and Slamxhypers, if you don't know what time it is, we may be able to help with that. Literally. That's the only hint I can give for now though. Stay tuned. 2 to grow on,


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Menu


You're Nobody $32
The Absurds $32