Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sneaker Auction Teaser

Just a teaser of what will be available. Yes, those are Alife Pumas, and All American Rejects, and Simpsons, and Dooms, and Year Of The Dogs, and there are MC Shan Pumas(unreleased), and just a bunch of ish...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Money Bags, Bubbachuck, The Answer.

#3. Even though he's no longer in Philadelphia, celebrate one of the best to ever do it.

The G.O.A.T.

The Greatest Of All Time. Look close. I don't have to tell you who that is...


The 1995 Track Jacket. Peep the details on this piece. The quality on this jacket alone makes it worth it. Nevermind the dope graphics, and the feeling you will get when rocking this jacket. Takes you back to Illmatic and Ready To Die, doesn't it Yeah, I know. 1995 was a dope year. Reminisce with this piece.

Fall Kenzo

New Kenzo Minami cardigans just in. A Cotton/Cashmere blend guarantees that she won't mind snugging up close on you*. Not to mention, this is simply a dope piece. Sizes from M-XL.

*She sold separately

Cesario Lo

Peep this. Cesario Lo in Khaki, and Maroon. But with suede, leather, AND patent leather, this shoe pretty much guarantees you are never over nor under-dressed.

New Cesario Hi

The Cesario Hi in Military and Lettuce Green. Veggies ain't the only way to get your greens. Come snatch a pair, and show mom you still get your two servings daily.

New Creative Recreation in Store...

First up is the Dicocco model. Red croc, high top, and mean.
Check this out.
1 Mhi shirt from Made To Order-$60
1 pair of Levi 501's-$40
1 pair of Red Dicocco Creative Recreations from Made To Order-$120
Not getting turned away from the club for wearing sneakers and a white tee. Priceless.

Pinky is done...

Pinky has been completed. Purple diamonds and rose gold casting make a beautiful combination. See it on my wrists this fall. Also, we are now officially taking orders for the custom G-Shocks. If interested, contact the store, and we will set up a consultation where you can indicate G-shock color, carat weight, diamond color, and casting, and the rest is on us. Call for more info...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Must Attend Event Of the Fall

SNEAKER AUCTION is coming. This event is sponsored by Made To Order, The Undrcrwn crew, Anthony Gilbert, Fader Magazine and Robot is the Future. September 7th is the date, from 9pm-12am. Adult Refreshments will be served. Be there.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Fresh from the land of Japan, comes the Fall issue of Kenzo Minami. Ultra-Lux tees, that feel softer than, well, they're pretty damn soft. And the designs hold nothing back. The A shirt as it is titled, represents all fears that begin with the letter A. Someone really put some thought into that one. And next up in the Me Cthulhu tee. Expert detailing makes this tee one of my favorites.

New Garbege

Just in from Garbege, more "Gangs of New York" tees. The quality on these shirts is really first grade, and they don't present a premium price either. Come on down and check them out. The Know Nothings (Philly knows all about that), and the Brooklyn Bareknuckle Brawlers. Mean...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Another one on the way...

The pink G-Shock and purple diamonds. We did another since you guys out there love to hate. Enjoy

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


THIS IS A 1 of 1 piece y'all. Not affiliated with BAPE, but this is an aftermarket piece. The watch is 100% authentic, but the rest, the rest is all Made To Order. Here at Made To Order, we don't just offer up dope clothing. Naw, that ain't all. We take it a step further. Pictures won't do this as much justice as the sun will. REAL CANARY DIAMONDS. NOT TREATED STONES, like some people out there are known to represent. This is a service we offer. Serious inquiries only. We told you we were a full service shop. Check for this piece in a magazine near you. Won't tell you who as of yet though. We'll let you try and find it first! Check it out y'all. Note: Trash talking to begin in 3...2...1..., See, those other stores say this and that, but do they have access to yellow diamonds? Can they make your whole wrist shine? And I'm not talking to my Philly homies neither. We're all family over here. But the rest know. PHILLY IS BACK. NORTHERN LIBERTIES, MADE TO ORDER. Let us know. Get you one. I'm done...

Rebel Ape x Slick Collabo

The ONLY STORE on the East Coast with this tee. This shirt is strictly dope. Che with a skull for his face, and the wounded eye, with the now infamous Slick bananas as crossbones. You won't find this in many pieces. Colette didn't get it. But we did! This is a dope piece. Sizes M-XXL.

Don't Drink and leave a camera with friends...

We sent Pete from the Undrcrwn crew home in style. Bowling, wings, corn dogs, mini-burgers,mac-n-cheese, brew, jack and coke, and a 20 piece nugget that knocked me out.