Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Know1edge

Fresh in from the Far East, comes some more Know1edge goods. If you have ever owned anything made by Know1edge, then you know the time and quality that they put into their pieces. First up is the Drips tee. It's a really nice use of contrasting colors, and it's guaranteed to match whatever new kicks you just picked up. Also in, is the Alyasha zip up sweater hoodie. Named most probably for the Alyasha behind Fiberops, as he and Brian of Know1edge are good friends, the hood is fur lined, and the body is made of some of the softest cotton you ever felt with your own 2 hands. Hurry up down as Know1edge pieces move fast.

Also, I heard a rumor that the Crooks x Know1edge watch should be in this week. Quantities are EXTREMELY LIMITED, so keep an eye out for them. Only 500 total of them in the world.

Don Cheegro in store

Straight from producing some of the craziest tracks on the new Beanie Sigel album, Don Cheegro came through to pick up some goodness from Made. Don has been showing us love since day one, and he's been telling us that he was working on some heat, and he damn sure wasn't lying.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Cliche Project is in the MotherLand!!!

Cliche takes it back to the MotherLand and the "80s" with these all leather medallions of "The Continent" and "The Fist". All pieces come with a leather woven rope and are very well done. The four different color ways are sick too.

Gourmet 2nd Course!!!

The second shipment of Gourmet footwear has come in!!! The new color ways are Grey and Olive. As you know, only the top shops in the country got them, so come in and cop up! Peace

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Nooka

Now at Made To Order, a reuppance of Nooka watches. Available now in purple,orange,green,white,yellow and blue. Wide bands and short bands, as usual Nooka is gonna keep you fly and knowing what time it is Literally. But wait, there is more. NOW, at MADE TO ORDER, The V Series in Gold, with a Gold mesh band. This watch is sick. Metal face, which is a bit different from the rubber, but just as dope, if not more. Limited quantites available as all in Nooka. But wait P, what about the Classic Zoo? The Zoo. Damn, yeah I forgot. Black on black, big face, and simply amazing, this watch is crazy. I know I say the Nookas are crazy a lot, but they are. They really are.


New WeSC drop in at Made To Order. Holiday drop. And let me me tell you, these pieces are doper than dope. The APB Honolulu tee in flame scarlet has a graphic on the front of a tribesman, but it's flipped. Look good at it. Next up is the Voodoo doll tee in white. A little voodoo never hurt anyone right? Well, at least not on this tee it won't. Wesc's quality, and their graphics have assured that these will be your two favorite tees.And last up, is the Paint may hem hooded sweatshirt in grass green. A refreshing colorway for a dull winter. Priced at $68, where else can you cop a hoodie that looks like it's worth something, and really is. Wesc is back.

Keep Rocking...

Just in at Made To Order, the NEW ALANTE! If you ever watched Married with Children, you would have caught that from Kelly's commercial. But the name still remains. The Rocksmith Alante crew. This crew has kangaroo pockets, a sick colorway, amd it is very technical, having airholes so that you don't sweat out this nice piece. Hurry up, cause Rocksmith doesn't last long down here.

Fresh Mother F__cking Melt Water

We didnt forget about the tees. We love the tees. And you will too. The I Love Sneakers tee in the black and cement colorway. Whether you are rocking Undrcrwn layups, Jordans, or any other cement print kick, this tee will add to the flavor. And after that, had to hit you over the head with the Fresh MF'ing Melt Water tee in the purple colorway. Purple is such a regal color, and the use of language just makes me say this tee is crack. You must be over 18 to buy this tee though. Sike, naw, come cop kids of all ages.

Fresh Melt Weeeeezy

Now in Made To Order, straight from up the block and around the corner, comes our first of hopefully many Fresh Melt Water drops. First up is the Universal Death Threats crew. Made from heavyweight cotton, this crew is dope. Ironman, aka Tony Starks, aka Ghost. If you're a fan of Ghost, you got this crew just by looking at it. Next up, is the exclusive colorway to Made To Order "I Love Sneakers" crew. You won't catch this colorway anywhere else. Not to mention the white with the cement print. Not saying it will match a certain pair of kicks that just dropped, but, hey, it's up to you.Last up in the crew department is the Ape Bathing Crew. As my boys at Pedx say, this is a quickstrike colorway, and won't be available long. Grey crew with the purple ape. Simply dope.So hurry up down and cop up. Sizes from Medium to XXL.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sugar Ray Leonard

That's right. NO MAS has arrived to Made To Order. And just like Sugar Ray was to Duran, this drop is on a whole 'nother level. No Mas does a line a bit more premium than their usual stuff, called The Ecstasy Of Defeat, and who else to drop some premium shit other than the MADE crew. Let's start off with the Stu Ungar tee. If you don't know about the young poker prodigy, google who some consider to be the best ever. Don't feel like it, then read this shirt before you put it on. Super soft cotton, dope graphics, and a hot story make this tee an instant classic. After that, we have the Rubin "The Hurricane" Carter. One of the biggest injustices ever done to an athlete, let alone a human being, was done to Rubin Carter. Wrongly imprisoned for almost 20 years before having his conviction overturned. No stupid gimmicks with this shirt. Just a powerful message. Some will get it, others won't. But then again, that's what we do here at Made. We don't follow. We lead. So if others don't get it, who cares. Hot shirts. No more rap.

Winless, and Unbeatable

Third in the lineup, I'm gonna put you onto the Haru Urara tee. This Japanese racehorse isn't Seabiscuit. No. This horse lost 113 consecutive races and lost. That has to be some kind of damn record. BUT, this tee is hot as hell. The color scheme is nothing short of amazing, and with a quality tee, and a dope artist behind this one, how can you say no. And last but definitely not least is one of my idols. BOBBY FISCHER. Considered, no strike that, the GREATEST CHESS PLAYER of all time. A child prodigy, Bobby beat the best of the best before he was old enough to drive. One of the greats of our time, Bobby disappeared from the public eye, and pops his head in once in a while to say something crazy, or beat a chess supercomputer. The tee is ill as it is a pic of a young Fischer, and the madman he was destined to become. When one can't be beat, one usually beats himself. The Ecstasy of Defeat. ill

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Know1edge Reigns Supreme!!!

We have three new, really cool Know1edge tees just in today. Know1edge makes hot, quality clothing that still has a message. "Know1edge Reigns Supreme", "Drop Know1edge not Bombs" and "Read More Books" are first in the holiday delivery. Be on the look out for the leather jackets and the CrooksXKnow1edge J-Tweezy watch which will be arriving very soon. Peace

Sunday, December 2, 2007


I must admit that for the last few weeks, we have been sitting idle, reading different blog posts from different industry legends, wannabes, and ordinary people who all seem to have an opinion on the state of fashion. In particular, I love to go into these forums, and these rare, hard to find blogs and listen to some of the opinions of some of these people. And it's funny how out of all the various shopping points on interest in the world, the "City Of Love", has the most hate. There are some amazing shops in this city to pick up whatever you are into. I mean, if you claim to be a fashion head, then Philadelphia has a robust choice of boutiques to fill the need. What kills me, is that the people who hate, are in direct contradiction of what they believe. For example, take the 5 hottest boutiques in the world. Arguably, The Reed Space(NY), Colette(Paris), Commonwealth(VA/DC), Union(NY/LA), and Digital Gravel(online). Look at their branding. Take Reed Space for example. They carry Mhi, FiberOps, Know1edge, FHI, Mishka, PegLeg, King Stampede, Rocksmith, Claw Money and Mighty Healthy. Colette also stocks MHI,FHI, Claw Money, and adds in some Johnny Cupcakes, Kidrobot, Call Of the Wild, and Staple. Starting to catch on yet? No? Ok, well down in Va, Omar stocks Commonwealth with some of the most premium brands, such as MHI, FHI, Gourmet, Edwin Japan, In4mation, Absurd,Illuminati by Crooks and Castles, Alife, Hellz Bellz, Mosley Tribes and Situationormal. Union also carries Gourmet, alongside BBC, Original Fake, Stussy, Acapulco Gold, and Ice Cream. Let's put all this together now. In Philadelphia, you can find every brand I listed above with the exception of Original Fake. We here at Made To Order stock the exact same brands that your so called favorite boutiques stock, including FiberOps, MHI, Staple, In4mation, Gourmet, Edwin Japan, Lemar and Dauley, Mosley Tribes, Nooka Watches, Know1edge, Hot Air, Claw Money and Bijules. Deep Sleep comes in with the Flying Coffin, Johnny Cupcakes, FHI, Sugarcane Denim, Call Of The Wild, Hellz Bellz, and Track and Field bags. Pedestrian adds to the mix with a raw street edge, stocking your favorites such as Mighty Healthy, Kidrobot, King Stampede, Mishka, Lemar and Dauley and Reason. Not your thing? Well Afficial comes in to fill your BBC and Ice Cream needs, and Wthn completes the chapter with Alife, Quickstrike Nikes, Married to the MOB, MadeMe, The Hundreds, Acapulco Gold, Stussy, Orchard Street and Illuminati by Crooks. In closing, stop all the extra hate. Philadelphia needs to be a united front. Not a whole bunch of petty chitter chatter. We were in Vegas a couple months back, and each boutique from Fruition, to Undftd had directions on how to get from one to the next. Not a bunch of slick talk and hating remarks. Philly is on the rise, and I'm personally not going to allow some of this nonsense continue to go on. Support local business, and promote healthy relationships. We're going to be sitting down with the boutiques above to figure out what we're going to do to bring Philly back. If you want to continue to push it towards a negative place, go for it. Usually, I would say something slick at the end of my messages, but there is no point. You see where your favorite brands are. They're here, in Northern Liberties. In Olde City. On South Street. They're here in Philadelphia. Food for thought. Since we're in Philly, I call it a cheesesteak. Peace.