Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer has Fresh Melt Water drippin' all over!!!

We received in the new summer FMW and the designs are getting better and better. First up is the Ya Basta tee in Red with black print. Ya Basta roughly translates to "Enough is Enough". It has been adopted by several Latin American insurgent groups as an expression of affront towards issues that sparked the original dissent. Its adoption by the EZLN in Mexico as the movement's motto is exemplary of its popularity and ability to rally diverse ideologies under a common goal. Get it now???

The Zapatista Futbol tee in Heather Grey w/black print, with the Star of Fresh Melt on the back. Another EZLN tee and another instant classic.

The Skullusion tee. Is it a skull? Is it an illusion? No. It's a Skullusion, and it's hot.

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