Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fall Clae

JUST IN, the first in a few of Fall drops for Clae. First up is the Cousteau. Whether traveling the ocean floor or a stroll on the boardwalk your exploration of life’s discoveries will be enhanced by the Cousteau. A nautically inspired design refined with an easy to use strap closure, smooth leather upper, neoprene heel and a custom molded footbed. The Cousteau creates a whole new meaning to ‘bon voyage.’
And next up is the Rollins, which is a new model from Clae. The Rollins blows in with the crisp autumn air like an improvisational romp across the urban terrain. With a mixed medium upper of leather and heavy nylon accented with metal hardware details, Rollins’s roots lie in the trail/hiking tradition. And while it’s strong enough to weather the elements in the wild, the Rollins epitomizes a new harmony between rugged and refined. Luxe materials flipped in a vibrant colors palette delivers notes you haven’t heard in a long time.

Both available in sizes from 9-12 including half sizes. First seen at Made baby!!!

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