Monday, June 9, 2008

Staple Denim and Socks

You can find denim with holes. You can find denim with 75,000 stitch count back pockets. You can find denim with distress points and 47 various color washes. Or you can find the one pair of denim pants that you will cherish like an old friend year after year. And here they are. I say this without one ounce of personal bias. These jeans are dope. 14.5oz Italian selvedge denim. The fit is perfect. Selvedge details at back loop and coin pocket. Hidden rivet reinforcements throughout. These are keepers. Don't sleep on these just because there is nothing on the back pockets.
And after you put these jeans on, you can then slap on a pair of Staple socks. In ankle or calf length, you can't go wrong.

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