Saturday, April 12, 2008

Made Goes Green and introduces TRIKO!

Streetwear designer Hector Estrada’s fashion line Triko not only gives good style, it gives back to the Earth. Among the things Triko is bringing awareness to is the cause for threatened and endangered species. Not only does the label donate to the Natural Resources Defense Council, Defenders of Wildlife and Solar 1, Triko is the proud sponsor of Pinstripe the tiger and Bowtie the penguin, adopted through the Defenders of Wildlife adoption program.

Triko is a sweatshop-free enterprise, strives to source fabrics and materials from sustainable sources and supports clean energy through the purchase of renewable energy credits. With that said, let me introduce what we have.

First up are the DMZ shorts in lavender plaid and a black plaid for the more laid back. With small, yet appreciative details, such as the "T" hit on the back, and the "Triko" emblem on the pockets kept it conservative, yet lets everyone know how you're playing. Streetwear with a preppy touch, that won't hurt your pockets

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