Monday, July 9, 2007


Please excuse us at the store for being lazy, and not updating the blog. We've been busy rearranging the store, and slanging those tees. I promise we will get better with the updates. But before I take y'all into the future, let me show you the past. This is what the building looked like a mere few months ago. See that wall where our custom bar is now??? Look at the hole in the ceiling. DAMN! For everyone who thought we were always on our Blackberry phones and Treo's, running to Home Depot 4 times a day, sleeping for 3 hours, and NOT BEING ABLE TO WAIT IN LINES FOR SNEAKERS just for fun. But, I'll get better y'all. I promise. Be on the lookout for footwear arriving this week, and for all you Hypebeasters, and Slamxhypers, if you don't know what time it is, we may be able to help with that. Literally. That's the only hint I can give for now though. Stay tuned. 2 to grow on,


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